Considering a Personal Trainer?

Personal training is for you if..

You've ver started a fitness program and not followed through. Certain exercises feel off and you're not sure why. You ever experience pain during/after your workouts. You've tried everything and still haven't reached your goal. You have a hard time holding yourself accountable when it comes to exercise and nutrition. 

What's included as a

Mighty Mama in Pajamas 1:1 Client:

1 live video training session per week via Zoom

  • Online personal training offers freedom for your schedule

  • Eliminates the stress of finding child care

  • "Nap time" is an acceptable reference of scheduling here!

  • No need to have a home gym-- Workouts are programmed around what equipment you have available. You will still get a freakin' awesome workout with minimal equipment.

  • Have questions answered, make sure form is on-point to ensure safety & exercise effectiveness, receive encouragement and motivation to keep you going.

  • You can be ANYWHERE in the world with wifi and not have to miss a session.

Your very own, private webpage

  • High quality video instruction of your personalized workouts so there's no guessing about form & what exercises to do between sessions.

  • Nutrition packet & recipes to give you fresh options, & meals that are out-of-the box yet so simple.

Workout reminders straight to your phone to give you that nudge you need to stay on track

  • Your trainer will program reminders into messenger or Google calendar according to your schedule to remind you when to work out, and to check in on how things are going.

Messenger, text, and email access to your trainer at ALL times for any questions, concerns, & help with mindset.

  • Any time you have a question, you can shoot your trainer a message and have a response within a couple hours-- no waiting for customer service to email you back!

ALL of this for just $225 USD per month!

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