My Birth Story Reflection

Good morning, beautiful!

Yesterday was my daughter’s 2nd birthday. The last 2 years have been a whirlwind of emotions, sleepless nights, countless diapers, countless loads of laundry, the happiest of times, and the most frustrating. It’s hard to believe that she was ever in my tummy.  Reflecting on Karly’s birth has been a wonderful reminder of why I am in this line of work. I remember when I realized that recovering from pregnancy and birth is soooo much more than a 6 week check up, and that there were so many things I hadn’t a clue about. People had told me their experiences, but it still seems like everyone censors what it’s actually like to give birth (vaginally or via c-section) and to heal.

From wearing the weird panty-hoes diaper things for two days, to the first bowel movement (😭😭😭), to overdoing it with walking too soon and not being able to pick up my feet for a day... 

I learned that the mindset our society carries about postpartum health is unrealistic. Women do not need to handle everything, and do not need to feel as if they will bounce back within 6 weeks. We do not need to focus on how our bodies look, and how much we weigh. Our bodies know what they are doing and they are doing a hell of a lot more than we know during that time. 

I learned that there are common dysfunctions postpartum- like peeing your pants, having abdominal separation, and having organs slip down into the vaginal wall (prolapse). I also learned that common does NOT mean normal, and that there are ways to heal the body while making it stronger. I learned that exercise CAN feel good and leave me with energy, and not exacerbate postpartum symptoms.I learned that sex postpartum would not be a cakewalk, and that the scar tissue from my vaginal tear would cause painful sex for nearly a year, leaving me to wonder if I would ever enjoy it again and cause strain on my relationship. Like many women, I didn’t receive any information about my pelvic floor beyond my 6 week check up. It wasn’t until my postnatal health studies that I learned about scar tissue mobilization, and healed my pain in just 4 days. 

I learned that while breastfeeding, hormonal changes in my body would prolong the healing process of my body, and that growing and nurturing a baby was sooooo much longer than 9 months + 6 weeks... more like nearly 3 years with pregnancy & breastfeeding. 

This is why I am so passionate about pre & postnatal health & exercise. There is a better way to approach fitness after baby. A way of love, patience, healing, and restoring. Mighty Mamas in Pajamas is my 90 day online group training program designed to help heal & restore your body during pregnancy, and early postpartum WHILE building strength, improving posture, and helping you feel confident and comfortable in your bodonly have 6 spaces available. Get on the waitlist and secure your space hereSign Me Up!!

No matter where you are in your journey, you are doing an incredible job! Make it a wonderful day.

Lots of love, Melody 

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