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Connecting the Foundations of our Body to the Foundations of our Lives

Today I am speaking to people who are feeling some anxiety or some depression; those who are feeling a little unstable in life. Kind of like they're floating through life and not really feeling supported or like their basic needs are being met. I know I have definitely experienced that and I know many many other people do as well. So if that is you then read on.

I want to talk about how those emotions of anxiety, not feeling supported, and uncertainty can actually show up physically in the body and also how to heal that. Not just emotionally but physically, too, with movement and then with nutrition.

I'm going to be talking about chakras. Now, before you like write me off as some crazy hippie, hear me out. Everything is connected in so many different ways. If chakras are a little too Eastern or spiritual or weird for you then think of Maslow's Hierarchy of Need. The very base of that pyramid is our basic primal needs, right? And it's very similar to chakras. So the root chakra at the base of the spine has to do with our basic primal needs. So whichever way you're gonna think about it- whether it's more like Western/Medical or Eastern/Spiritual- here we go.

So the root chakra has to do with our sense of belonging. With feeling supported and loved by our tribe, whether that's friends or family, or people that we have made our family. It has to do with feeling like all your basic needs are being met. Like, you have shelter & you have food. And then even more primal, such as sexual needs, are being met. And it also has to do with feeling grounded in your life. Feeling connected to a purpose, your personal power, & your sense of self.

So if we don't have that basic foundation set strong then it's gonna be really hard to move on to the next steps either healing the next chakras or the next levels of Maslow's hierarchy. Just like the tip of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, self enlightenment, the crown chakra represents enlightenment. So everything is connected everything's related.

Let's think about where the root chakra is located: at the base of the spine; the pelvis. It's the pelvic floor & our pelvic floor is the source of life. That's where babies are born, that's where we come from, that's where life begins. It's really, really powerful. And I mean, whether you give birth vaginally or via C-section, that's down there in the root chakra and it's our connection. It's that powerful connection that you feel when when you're making love with your partner, or when you're like hugging your loved ones. That's our our sense of connection and belonging and love.

So each chakra is associated with an element. The root chakra is earth. So think, roots in the earth and grounded. That's how we should feel if our root chakra is balanced. We have strong sense of self. We know who we are, we feel supported, our needs are being met. And that's that's great. But we can have an imbalance and the root chakra can be out of whack.

So, emotionally that can feel like anxiety. Like lack or scarcity; maybe you're just living life in fear. It's kind of a scary and unstable. A lot of uncertainty there can also show up as hoarding. So you feel like there's not enough if your basic needs aren't being met. You may be hoarding material items or money, like you're scared to spend it because you think there's not enough. It could even go into hoarding food & over eating. So that's a sense of scarcity. If there's not enough food, we're likely to overeat because we don't know when the next meal will be.

These "roots" and life foundations are set very, very early on. You can look it up: our subconscious is pretty much programed by the time we're seven years old. If things were a little unstable, or maybe there were some unhealthy patterns in your family life, then this will keep showing up in your life over and over and over, and they will carry on into job after job, relationship after relationship; whether romantic or friendships. No matter where you move, these roots are with you. If you're experiencing the same thing over and over and over again, and you don't know why your life feels out of control, it's probably time to address your root chakra.

For example, let's go back to overeating: if you're hoarding food then that could have stemmed from something as simple as your older brother was going through a growth spurt, and at the dinner table he would serve himself first, and there was hardly any food left for you. So you got into the habit of racing to the table and scooping all the food on your plate; and that's where you're over eating tendencies came from. It really could be something as simple as that, and you look back and realize you're actually not at risk of starvation. And then can tell your subconscious mind that you don't need to put all this food on your plate anymore. You can stop over eating and therefore prevent weight gain.

That's a very basic example of how you can heal the root chakra emotionally. Obviously there are issues that go much deeper than that, but starting to look back into your younger years and seeing where these issues came from can really help. So if we carry these emotional dysfunctions with us; anxiety, depression, not feeling supported, these can show up physically. Let's think about what supports us in our body: it's our hips. It's the pelvis. It's the pelvic floor. So this can show up as pelvic pain, reproductive issues, constipation, or incontinence. It can show up as problems with sexual function, such as trouble getting aroused or pain with sex.

Everything is connected. Here's a really good example: Doctors tell us high heels are, "bad," right? They tilt the pelvis out of alignment which can lead to low back pain. Typically, women who wear really high shoes often end up having hip and back pain. Wearing shoes that have tons of extra padding aren't just tilting the pelvis out of alignment, but it's also keeping us further from the earth. Keeping us further from the roots, keeping us further from being grounded. And so it's never just one issue.

So how do we heal? Each chakra has a color associated with it: the root chakra is red. So incorporating foods that have more reds can help you start to heal these root imbalances on a physical plane. Of course, there's emotional work that needs to be done too, but you can start by healing your body physically from the inside out. Think: red bell peppers, strawberries. Think roots. Beets, potatoes, radishes.

Now when it comes to movement you can absolutely heal your pelvic floor with movement which I happen to be an expert at. My program Core Foundations is specifically designed to restore the pelvic floor and the deep core to help you build a solid foundation in your body. Especially if you are starting a health and fitness journey, how can you build on something that doesn't have a solid foundation? It's going to fall over. This is why I don't recommend jumping into super intense fitness programs if you're a beginner, if you're early postpartum, if you haven't worked out in a while, then you've got to build a solid foundation in your body first. Just like if you're feeling anxious and unsupported in your life you've got to build solid foundations. Emotionally you've got to figure out who you are. Find your sense of self; heal relationships. You've got to build a solid foundation with yourself before you can improve mentally and go after more in life.

We've got to have our basic needs met first. And so with the body that starts with building your body's foundation. Core Foundations is new and improved. I redid all of the videos, changed the curriculum a little bit so it's not quite as long. It's 9 weeks instead of 12 to 16. And this really gives you amazing education all about your pelvic floor, especially as a mom, a new mom, a consecutive mom; whether you've been a mom for decades. It's never too late to start healing your body and restoring that personal power.

I also go through strengthening the core & how it all works together as a whole. If you're already working out, this is a great way to enhance your other workouts & enhance your daily life because it's giving you this this new knowledge & this new way to look at the way you move your body.

If you are early postpartum and you need to heal the foundations of your body, Core Foundations is a great way to connect to yourself, get to know your body again, and to build trust in your body again. Once you start to trust your body and build strength on a physical level, then it increases your confidence and increases your joy. And that's going to start flowing over into the rest of your life.