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Meet Your Coaches

Monday, 1/7/2019 11AM PST: Setting clear intentions & the first steps to take to bring your goals into your reality.

Melody Jordan is the founder of Mighty Mama in Pajamas, a certified personal trainer, & a certified pre & postnatal exercise specialist. She strives to make being healthy & fit as simple and to the point as possible! She believes fitness shouldn't be stressful, and is most successful when approached from love & respect for oneself vs. trying to fit into society's image of healthy & fit. It's also her passion to educate women about pregnancy, postpartum, & beyond so that they feel empowered to design a healthy lifestyle that feels right for them!

Melody Jordan

Tuesday, 1/8/2019 2:30PM PST: The ego and how it can affect progress

Cara Turnquist and Jill McLean are both Mobility Experts, Personal Trainers, connoisseurs of spandex and practitioners of the Beautiful Adventure we call life. With over a combined 20 years in the Fitness Industry we encourage our clients to strive for holistic health through fitness, nutrition, relationships and a connection with nature. 

Movement Duets


Wednesday, 1/9/2019 11AM PST: Visibility as an online mom-preneur, and following our intuition as we transition into motherhood.

Heather Hartman is Visibility and Confidence Coach. She's passionate about helping women find confidence in who they are and what they have to offer. She specializes in helping women find their ideal client, refine their message, master essential technology, and recognize that they are fantastic AF. Together, we punch your fears of technology and visibility in the throat.

Heather Hartman

Thursday, 1/10/2019 11AM PST: Making decisions from a place of empowerment vs. fear

Kassy Walter is a doula who has a passion to come alongside families so they may have birth experiences in which they feel supported, educated and empowered; no matter how their babies are born. She believes that having the knowledge to make informed choices in birth shapes who you will be as a mother. She believes that bringing a new baby into your family and becoming a parent is a tender, transformative time and she aims to provide the support needed to ease that transition. Kassy is also the co-creator of The Fresno Birth Collective, a diverse group of birth workers in the Central Valley who are passionate that every family deserves access to quality resources and unwavering support.

Kassy Walter

Friday, 1/11/2019 12PM PST: Connecting with your Divine Feminine Energy through mindset, embodiment practices, & womb wisdom

Lauren McDonald is a mentor for women who are ready to reclaim their sensuality & embody their Divine Feminine Essence. She is also the creator of The Unearth the Goddess Within Program for the woman who is ready to become her most empowered & embodied self.

Lauren McDonald