Exhaustion. Hormonal shifts. Heightened emotions. Not recognizing the body in the mirror. Pain. Shame. Guilt... Sound familiar?


You've had your postpartum check-up and were given the "all clear," but something just doesn't feel normal. Maybe sex is painful. Maybe things that once brought you pleasure don't feel good anymore. When you used to get turned on in an instant, now it takes forever, if at all.

Maybe you have pelvic organ prolapse. Maybe you had a vaginal tear in birth. Maybe you had a C-section and now sexy time just doesn't feel as... sexy. Maybe you're stressed from feeling like you have to be a certain way or do certain things in the bedroom. Maybe you feel like moms shouldn't behave like that, even though you want to.

Well, I'll tell you right now. There is nothing wrong with you. Your life and physical body may have shifted, but you are still a WOMAN. You are still divine, juicy, fiery and I promise you the fire is still within you. 

Join me for a gold mine of information and tools to heal your relationship with your sexuality as a mother. We will be covering:

  • Basic Pelvic Floor anatomy, function, and why it matters

  • Common postpartum pelvic floor dysfunctions like prolapse & incontinence

  • Scar tissue mobilization for vaginal tearing & c-section scars to heal painful sex

  • How to release tension in the pelvic floor

  • Societal pressures & expectations

  • What is normal & what may need medical attention

  • Rewiring your brain to enjoy sex again

  • Pelvic floor exercises to improve endurance and sexual pleasure for you & your partner

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