Strong & Sexy

Personal Training & Boudoir Photography


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Strong & Sexy

Have you been wanting to do a boudoir shoot, but maybe aren’t feeling super confident getting in front of the camera?

It doesn’t take confidence to book a boudoir shoot; it takes courage. Confidence is what you gain from the experience. 


When a woman becomes a mother,

and her body is forever changed, it is so empowering for her to see herself through a different lens. A different perspective. One that captures the beauty that has been there all along. 

Now you can have it all...

when you book 6 weeks of personal training, you’ll get a free boudoir photography session with the incredibly talented Troutman Photography. Includes hair & makeup, plus 20% off prints. Click below to book.

Personal Training

is for you if...

You've ever started a fitness program and not followed through. Certain exercises feel off and you're not sure why. You ever experience pain during/after your workouts. You've tried everything and still haven't reached your goal. You have a hard time holding yourself accountable when it comes to exercise and nutrition. 

From Troutman Photography:

"We ask our boudoir clients to describe their portrait session with Troutman Photography and the same words come up time and time again.  They said that we made them look beautiful.  We make them look sexy and we made them look like themselves.  We enhance their natural beauty without making them look like someone they're not.  So we've adopted the words of our clients as sort of a mantra around here."

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Amanda J.

"I like that Melody focuses on building a strong core, and her routines are restorative while building the lean muscle I want.”

Courtney H.

"I started seeing results quickly, it boosted my confidence, and I feel sexy! I am so impressed with how well Melody has gotten me to look and feel! If you’re thinking of working with her, just do’s so worth it!"

Susan P.

"Melody helped me gain confidence in working out and feel comfortable with free weights. She was able to give me appropriate exercises that helped with my diastasis. I feel stronger, I am not having accidents at the gym, I can do jumping jacks again and I am gaining confidence in myself and my abilities.”

"Fun. Amazing”

“My husband was blown away"

"Great for my self esteem"

"If I would have known how great I'd feel, I'd have done this 10 years ago!


“I had NO idea!!!!"


"The pictures turned out fabulous!"

You will be redirected to schedule your sessions upon completing checkout.

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